Sweet Jesus, It’s Cold!

christmas story jacket

I cannot believe how cold it is here in North Carolina this morning. 14 degrees! We are not well equipped for that kind of cold around here. Winter weather is our nemesis for sure. Last year, 3 inches of snow led to school being cancelled for a week! If you are reading this in the Northern US I know what you are thinking: BABIES!

For a cold day like today the problem isn’t that we don’t have gloves, hats, and heavy winter coats. It is that we so seldom need these items, and when we do need them, no one knows where the heck they hiding. At my house, we have had winter items in the garage in a bag for years and years. However, when you wake up to temperatures in the teens, everyone asks, “Where are the hats and gloves?” It isn’t that we are completely unprepared, it’s that we do not remember where we put the winter stuff we prepared so long ago.

Similarly, you probably have a Bible. You probably have used it before. But unless you are currently in a Bible study, you may not know where it is resting. Of course, many of us will think about it and realize it is right where it always is: by the bed, on a bookshelf, in a backpack, or on a coffee table. You may even see it several times a week, but seeing it and knowing it is there are two different things.

I needed gloves today for sure. But today I will need the Word of God in my life even more. Don’t let the Word of God in your life be one of those things that is only important when we find ourselves in a time of need. Here is the reality. Not every day is cold enough for gloves, but every day is a day in need of God and His Word. Crack open that Bible today!

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