Everyday Stewardship: Living an Extraordinary Life is an excellent assortment of reflections on Scripture, stewardship and the everyday applications of living a Christ-filled life.  Tracy Earl Welliver has created an inspiring collection of musings about how to find Christ in our daily lives.  This could be very helpful resource for any parish council or committee searching for ways to infuse stewardship into the life of their parish.

Dan Ebener, Director of Stewardship & Parish Planning, Diocese of Davenport, and author of the new book, Pastoral Leadership: Best Practices for Church Leaders.

If you have never read the inspiring words of Tracy Welliver or had the privilege to hear him speak in person, now is the perfect time to be inspired with the release of his new book, Everyday Stewardship: Living an Extraordinary Life.   Tracy imparts to his readers truly deep insights with contagious enthusiasm.  Often, I find myself reflecting back to his lessons and words which broadens my devotions and commitment to Christian stewardship in my everyday life even more. I appreciate how his stories and reflections relate so well to my own life;   I am very honored to have Tracy both as a mentor and a friend.

Jamie Crane, Director of Development & Planned Giving, Diocese of Colorado Springs

Tracy came to our collaborative of two parishes in November 2016 for a 5-session mission over a three-day period.  During those events Tracy was truly an inspiration to all in attendance from clergy, staff, volunteers and parishioners. As a collaborative, we were at the point of striving to become stewardship parishes, so Tracy talks were focused primarily on stewardship.  Everyone could relate to Tracy and his words were moving and relevant.  He helped many people come to a new understanding of stewardship and community.

That understanding wasn’t short lived.  Tracy’s name – and lessons learned – still get brought up frequently.  In fact, just recently during a collaborative event, a parishioner gave a witness talk and she credited Tracy for helping her to become stronger in her faith and to truly grasp the true meaning of the spirituality of stewardship. While Tracy can be entertaining and enjoyable to listen to, he is extremely knowledgeable and straightforward.  Whether it be for coaching, a small or large workshop or a parish mission, I would wholeheartedly endorse Tracy Earl Welliver!

Debbie Rhodes, Director of Stewardship & Development, St. Anne – St. Catherine Collaborative, Littleton & Westford, MA

Tracy Welliver has been just amazing for the Diocese of Austin. His humorous and inspiring talks on Strengths have been powerful and life-changing for our staff. If you are interested in learning more about your God-given strengths and talents, invite Tracy to speak at your next event.

Scott Whitaker, Director of Stewardship & Development, Diocese of Austin, TX

Tracy Welliver’s personal gifts and heart-felt expressions of enthusiasm and passion for his message are both inspiring and motivational. Faculty/staff, school and diocesan leaders come away transformed and eager to embrace strengths in their professional, personal and faith lives. Tracy brings a rare and refreshing combination of faith, relationship cultivation, insight, experience and renewed perspective on our individual blessings and how we are called to serve in HIS kingdom.

Dr. Rosemary J. Henry, Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Corpus Christi

“I have been working with Tracy Welliver and LPI for the past two years on a variety of parish services included in our contractual relationship. I have relied on Tracy heavily and have been delighted with his dedication to our parish and the success of our collective efforts.  Along the way, I have found a friend in the process.  Today, I would recommend him without reservation.”

Larry McAnallen, Senior Director of Stewardship & Advancement, St Michael the Archangel Catholic Church, Cary, NC

“The great thing about Tracy is his authenticity!  He has the ability to be vulnerable and empathize with anyone; always leading them to embrace the gifts God has given to them, and recognize the gifts God has given to others.  In short – Tracy is the real deal!”

Cande de Leon, Executive Director of the Office of Mission Advancement, Diocese of Phoenix

The Diocese of Brownsville’s Stewardship & Development Office is blessed to have met Tracy Welliver a few years ago in Chicago at the ICSC annual conference.  We immediately built a rapport upon our shared interests in stewardship ministry and parish leadership development.  Inviting him to present at our upcoming diocesan stewardship conference was a capital idea.  We found Tracy’s approach very relatable as it resonated with rural and urban parishes, outreach ministries and diocesan departments alike.

His presentations on stewardship and strength assessments are both inspiring and challenging.  As Director of Stewardship and Development for this sprawling border diocese, I consider Tracy’s knowledge key to helping this department transform stewardship committee members into fervent disciples capable of effecting major changes in their parishes.  Tracy is a motivational powerhouse who has taught our Diocesan staff and volunteers how to rethink our own capabilities and put them into action for the good of all.

Rosie Rodriguez, Director of Stewardship & Development, Diocese of Brownsville