Goliath! You Are Going Down!

I remember one Vacation Bible School I planned in the past years having David and Goliath roaming around all day and David had a chance to slay Goliath over and over again. The kids loved seeing our Goliath-like actor hitting the ground again and again. I guess as time went on, David didn't seem much … Continue reading Goliath! You Are Going Down!

Sweet Jesus, It’s Cold!

I cannot believe how cold it is here in North Carolina this morning. 14 degrees! We are not well equipped for that kind of cold around here. Winter weather is our nemesis for sure. Last year, 3 inches of snow led to school being cancelled for a week! If you are reading this in the … Continue reading Sweet Jesus, It’s Cold!

Don’t Stay In Bed!

Today's first reading from 1 Samuel always sparks my imagination. Samuel is repeatedly called by God, but instead he thinks it is Eli calling him. God wakes him from sleep each time and he runs to Eli and say, "Here I am. You called me." Finally, Samuel takes Eli's advice and answers at the last … Continue reading Don’t Stay In Bed!