Making a Difference

A reflection by Teresa Keogh, friend and contributor to the Main Thing Blog

Last week I was working in Bangkok and was blessed by being able to add on 3 days holiday. I went to Kanchunabari – the site of the Bridge over the River Kwai.


It was incredibly moving to walk across the bridge and see the Burma railway; perhaps it was the heat and humidity that made me really appreciate how the prisoners of war had suffered so terribly. When I was reflecting on the experience I was struck by how easily we can misuse the gifts that God has given to us. How do I use my God-given gifts to make a positive difference in the world?


I was also struck by this sign; it also reminded me of all those who fought for the common good and were killed in the process. They gave their lives so that ours might be better. Today I pray for all who have lost loved ones in war. I also pray that I use the gifts God has given me to make a difference, however small that may be.

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