Cutting the Grass Again


It’s that time of year when the grass just grows and grows.  Crazy thing is for me, I have 2 lawn mowers, but both of them are broken! Since I have not wanted to pull the trigger as of yet on a new mower, I have to keep calling my lawn guy to come and cut down the jungle once a week.  New growth keeps coming no matter what.

We are not like grass.  We do not grow without a decision to do so.  The grass receives water from the clouds, sunlight from a far off star, and the occasional fertilizer from yours truly, but it still never makes a decision to grow. It just does. You and I have to decide to grow, or we can find ourselves years later at the same stage of ignorance we are at now.

Faith needs to grow.  Faith is not meant to be received once and then never cultivated.  Faith needs to flourish.  But, this never happens when we choose not to feed it.  As good stewards of this faith we have received, we are called to grow in understanding and belief. Yes, the faith of a mustard seed can grow into something quite extraordinary.  But without us cultivating it, a mustard seed is really nothing much at all.

What are you doing to grow your faith this day, this week, and this Summer?

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