God Don’t Make Junk

St Joseph

It was a great two days in Jasper, IN at Saint Joseph Catholic Church.  Thank you to Fr. Ray, Mike Hagerdon, and everyone at the parish for such wonderful hospitality. We had representation in the audience from many different parishes and I pray that God will bless their communities as they seek to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with all.

I caught sight of a Facebook post by an attendee from Monday night’s session: “The speaker at St Joe Jasper last night…he really made me think. He asked what it is to be ordinary vs. extraordinary. I believe that we must pray about what our gifts are from God and that we be guided by the Holy Spirit in how we use them. THAT is what will make us extraordinary! God would not make anything ordinary…”

Made me think of a saying we would toss around when I was in high school and going on Youth Encounter retreats: “God Don’t Make Junk.” People need to see the wonder of God’s creation in themselves and never devalue their existence.  If the Church can help people see how special they are, their hearts and lives open up to become instruments of God’s grace.

Don’t let the world knock you down and convince of anything other than the truth: God would not make anything ordinary!

(photo above is from balcony at Saint Joseph Catholic Church, Jasper, IN)

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