Do You Know Him?

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time 2017 Sometimes when I ask one of my children about who they were with or about a classmate at school they answer me with, “You don’t know them.” Apparently, since I do not know him or her personally, I do not need to know … Continue reading Do You Know Him?

Secret Ambition

I recall the summer of 1980 when I went to stay with my Grandparents for six weeks. They had a 10-unit apartment building on the Intracoastal in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, a very prominent area of town. My plan was to work for my grandfather painting, doing yardwork and basic upkeep. I had calculated the amount … Continue reading Secret Ambition

Do You Know Jesus?

Today's Gospel reading from Matthew includes perhaps the most important question of all time: Jesus asks Peter, and in turn you and me, "Who do you say that I am?" Jesus wasn't interested in hearing what everybody else was saying about him. He wanted to hear from Peter's own mouth, "Who do YOU say that … Continue reading Do You Know Jesus?

How Hard is it to be a Disciple of Jesus?

So what does Jesus Christ ask of us? What does it mean to be a real disciple? In Matthew 19, a young man with many worldly possessions addresses this question to Jesus himself. The answer given is that one must sell all they have and give the proceeds away to the poor. In Matthew 16, Jesus … Continue reading How Hard is it to be a Disciple of Jesus?

Let Our Stewardship Convince the Cynics!

Yesterday, while listening to the Gospel about good, old, doubting Thomas, I thought about how much harder it seems for many in today's world to believe that God is in control. This doesn't mean we are puppets destined to simply live out a predetermined set of life experiences, but it does mean that Jesus remains, … Continue reading Let Our Stewardship Convince the Cynics!

Seeking Good That Gives Us Life

  It would seem obvious to us that we need to seek out good and not evil, but unfortunately, our society and the limitations of human nature prove to us otherwise. Today's simple Gospel Acclamation verse reminds us that on the road to good is life and the Lord, the opposite of what is on … Continue reading Seeking Good That Gives Us Life