LPi Webinar with Fr. James Mallon

Join me for a special webinar, Thursday, May 21, @ 2pm EST when my special guest will be Fr James Mallon, author of Divine Renovation. We will be talking discipleship, stewardship, & engagement and how to plant seeds during these tough times for a rich harvest in the future. Register at https://www.4lpi.com/webinar-series/seed/ today.

Coming to the Diocese of St. Petersburg

Are you in the Diocese of St. Petersburg and interested in spending a day learning and becoming inspired to help your church community become a clearer reflection of the Kingdom of God? If YES, then register for the event this Friday, November 16 at the beautiful Bethany Center in Lutz, FL. I will be leading the … Continue reading Coming to the Diocese of St. Petersburg

Blogs, Blogs, & More Blogs

If you are only following the blog here at this website, you may have wondered where all the posting has gone. You are also missing out on MANY other blogs. Visit the blog page at http://4lpi.com/blog/ for my Everyday Stewardship blogs and more! That being said, my friends and I will be working hard in the near … Continue reading Blogs, Blogs, & More Blogs