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Tracy Earl Welliver is currently the Senior Director of Church Engagement for LPI. He is a Catholic author, speaker, consultant, and Gallup-certified Strengths coach with over 25 years experience in parish ministry.  Tracy also currently sits on the International Catholic Stewardship Council Board of Directors He has spoken on and coached dioceses, parishes, and individuals on stewardship, engagement, Strengths, and discipleship all over North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Tracy currently writes the weekly reflection, Everyday Stewardship, published in bulletins and digital media around the country. He is the author of the books, Everyday Stewardship: Reflections for the Journey, and Everyday Stewardship: Living an Extraordinary Life, as well as other engagement resources, all published by LPI.  Tracy has created a master course on building a stewardship culture as part of the ReviveParishes platform. He has a BA in theology from DeSales University and a MTS from Duke Divinity School. Tracy has been married to his wife, Mariann, for 28 years and they have 3 children.

4 thoughts on “Biography

  1. Hi Tracy,
    I really enjoyed your presentation on a vibrant Parish. It was so good to see you. I really would like to schedule a catechist presentation with you. I need to know your availability, hours for presentation and cost.
    God Bless,


  2. Hello Tracy, I enjoyed your presentation today at St.Anne in Columbus,GA.
    Can I received your weekly reflections or are they just for parishes.
    And what is the title and author of the GIANTS GARDEN story.
    Kimberly is going to give me your book to read.
    Donna Tomayko
    Educator, Parish Hostess, monogrammer, Thyme and Talent Ministry leader…:-)


    • Thanks for reaching out, Donna! You can go to and click on BLOG in the banner menu. There you have access to all the content LPI offers, including the Everyday Stewardship reflections. You can then sign-up to receive them and more in your email.

      The story you refer to was The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde.


  3. Hello Tracy.
    I got cut off just as I was concluding it. Hopefully you received the greater portion. Here is the closing statement: “one can preach all he/she wants to, but to experience the commitment to God is absolutely
    phenomenal.” Enjoy your weekly articles. God Bless. Be free to call if you would like to discuss the subject..

    Gene Hyland (St. Agnes, Butler, WI.


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