Leadership & Planning: Keys to Moving Forward


After an awesome start to the 2019 Building a Vibrant Parish Webinar Series, we are getting ready for February’s installment to take place on Feb. 28 @ 2pm Eastern! I am so excited to be talking leadership and the importance of having a plan with Holly Joy McIlwain, formerly with the Diocese of Pittsburgh and currently with the Talerico Group. Last webinar we talked about the vision of what a vibrant parish might look like and now we focus on the activators for such a transformation to take place. I absolutely love Holly with all her energy, insight, and experience and I cannot wait for this webinar. As always, this webinar and all in this series are free to all but you do have to register. Registrants will have access to the webinar live, the recording, 30 min of bonus content, and unique downloads. Sit in your office, home, or gather up the parish staff and join us Feb. 28!

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