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I am so excited to be hosting and presenting a 12-part webinar series on Building a Vibrant Parish! Each month of 2019, we will be exploring how to make our church communities clearer reflections of the Kingdom of God. Join me and my many guests on the journey toward helping to strengthen the Body of Christ.

The first installment, What Does a Vibrant Parish Look Like?, will be January 24 and my special guest will be my friend, Debbie Tatum, from the Diocese of Gary. The entire series is FREE and there will be special downloads and additional podcasts that you will only be able to access if you register. So sign up TODAY!


One response to “Register NOW!”

  1. Tracy Earl Welliver Avatar
    Tracy Earl Welliver

    In less than 24 hours we have over 200 registered for the first installment of this webinar series. WOOHOO!


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