Personal Communion: You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have


It’s true with just about everything. Money. Love. Education. Personal Communion. Wait, personal communion?

During this Easter Season, we have an opportunity to dig deeper into the meaning of faith. We begin with the reflection on The Road to Emmaus. In a recent post, I mentioned the term “companion” and it’s Latin meaning, “with bread.” Jesus is our companion. He is always with us as the Bread of Life.

One of the highlights of my adult life was my confirmation into the Catholic Church during the Easter Vigil in 1992. As I reflect on all those who came into the Church Saturday night, I recall my life during that time. It was my adult decision to enter into the fullness of faith as a Catholic. My entry to God’s family happened several years earlier when I was baptized and that decision was confirmed that night.

The thing is, with baptism and confirmation come great responsibility. We are called through our baptism to share the Good news, the Gospel, with others in hopes that others will discover what we have found. What I found was a loving God that has a personal interest in me. I found that Jesus’ passion, suffering and death, was for me, not just for humanity. It’s not enough for me to have received this wonderful gift and keep it to myself, I am called to be Jesus’ hands and feet and bring Christ to others.

There are many ways for me to share my faith, and I have been discovering how to do that ever since. But what I have also discovered is that the level of effectiveness is dependent on a single thing, my faith life. Faith must be sought, practiced and nurtured. It all comes down to personal communion. The more I enter into the mystery of Christ’s passion, the more effective I become as an apostle, disciple, steward. Prayer, living a sacramental life, and stewardship become integral to my ability to share.

Personal communion is the journey I have with Jesus in every moment of life. You see, in every moment is the opportunity to say yes to Jesus, realizing that Jesus is always with me. In my successes and sins, Jesus is there. Think about your confirmation. If you have a picture, look for the many ways Jesus was present. Now, reflect on other pictures in your photo collection. Look for Jesus there too!

Now is the perfect time to embrace your personal communion with Jesus and let your light shine. After all, you can’t give what you don’t have!

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