From Everyday Stewardship Advent 2016

12 December 2016


On December 9, 1531, Our Lady appeared to a simple Aztec Indian who had converted to the Catholic faith, Juan Diego. Three days later, at Juan Diego’s request, Mary provided

a sign so the local bishop would believe that she actually had appeared. Roses grew out of the cold winter soil, and when Juan Diego opened his cloak to show the bishop what he had found, an image of Our Lady appeared on the fabric. These occurrences led to the conversion of most of Mexico and remain today a strong sign of Our Lady’s concern and love for us.

Church-approved Marian apparitions always point to her Son, Jesus. For many of us with a strong Marian devotion, Mary is a pathway into a stronger relationship with our Lord. Her generosity shown to Juan Diego is the same generosity shown to each of us who chooses to ask her intercession. Families pray for one another and she is a very prominent member of our family. May the miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe be a sign of warmth for you in the cold of winter and of Advent hope for a Christ Child that has redeemed the world.

Daily Advent Challenge

If you do not already do so, begin to carry a rosary with you daily. It serves as a reminder that miracles continue to happen all around us. We are never alone.


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