God’s Generosity

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2016


My father would always say to me when I was growing up, “Whatever is mine is yours.” He was always very generous toward me, and if I am being truthful, probably spoiled me. We were not a rich family by any measure, but I never really wanted for anything. If I asked, I would receive.

In Luke 11, Jesus tells us our heavenly Father is similar to my father, but God is profoundly more generous. However, I am not sure many of us really believe that. When growing up we ask our earthly parents for all sorts of things, some requests being large but many being small. I know my own 3 children might ask me for anything at anytime. If God is more generous with me than I am with my own 3 children, how come I find myself mostly asking God for things when all my other options have run out or my back is against the wall. We make deals with God in our moment of despair or fear, but when things were great we asked for little or sometimes nothing at all.

We need God and his generosity 365 days a year. Better than that, God wants us to ask for things and learn to rely on him. There is no strength in walking in this world alone. God wants to be the source of all our strength. That is one reason why at every hour of the day, somewhere in the world, Mass is being celebrated and his children are receiving him in the Holy Eucharist. If God can become Man, die and rise again, and then humble himself in the elements of bread and wine to be close to you, do you not think he will respond to your everyday simple requests? May God’s generosity flow to you in great abundance for His love knows no limits.

One response to “God’s Generosity”

  1. The Smiling Pilgrim Avatar
    The Smiling Pilgrim

    God is so gracious 🙂


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