You, Me, or Us?


I was reading about all the speculation occurring over Presidential running mates and a vision of a license plate entered into my mind: GOD IS MY CO-PILOT. I am sure you have seen these, although I have to admit they do not seem to be as prevalent today as they were 20 years ago. The plate is an interesting statement, kind of tongue-in-cheek to some. I don’t believe that Donald or Hillary will be choosing God as their running mate, but I would like to think that whoever leads our country at least has some reliance on God. But some days I am not so sure.

From a Christian point-of-view, God is My Co-Pilot doesn’t say enough about our experience as sons and daughters of God living in community. It does speak to the reality that we work hand-in-hand with God in this world. The words of St. Teresa of Avila echo this: “Christ has no body now but yours.” But the license plate saying speaks only about a relationship of two: you and God. The true Body of Christ is not made up of you and God, it is made up of us and God.

This is a point is more important than many seem to realize. We live at a time where excessive cults of personality and extreme individualism have led us to where we think ONE PERSON will save the day or make all the difference. Unfortunately, this will never be true in our world or in our Church.

Our world needs Jesus more than ever. Our world needs healing. And no single man or woman will be enough to make all the difference. No candidate will really be able to save the day. No individual follower of Jesus, even with God by their side, will change the tide. Our hope can only rest in a people who work together as one, with the claim that GOD IS OUR CO-PILOT.

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