The Person God Created You to Be

People atew speaksk me if being on the road so much is hard. I tell them the hard part is being away from my family. However, I also say that the time away seems to give me a greater appreciation of my family when I am at home. I take less things for granted and am more willing to give of myself. So the travel actually has been good for my family life in a way.
What I do tell people is that I am happiest when I am speaking or leading a workshop. The crazy thing is, outside of spending time with family, I can’t imagine doing anything else that would give me a greater sense of joy or accomplishment. Thank God most people think I am good at it, because it would be bad news if the opposite were true.

My experience holds a key for everyone who is seeking to become the person God created them to be. It is a reality that I learned from my training in strengths theory: We are happiest when we are doing what we do best. To use the gifts we have been given not only pleases God, but it brings us the greatest joy.

It doesn’t mean that we are better than anyone else when we are using those gifts. I find speakers all the time that I only wish I could be more like because they are that good. But it does mean that we are fulfilling our destiny and the walking the path God has prepared for us.

I don’t want it to seem too mystical, this is idea of fulfilling your destiny. It can easily seem that unless you find the one role on planet earth meant for you that you are doomed to a life of sadness. In fact, the correct path God has set for you is unfolding all the time and God has given us the gift of free will. That free will not only means we can turn away from God, but it also means we can be co-creaters with God. His will is set, but how we follow and bring that will to reality is a process to which we can contribute.

The key is uncovering and developing those gifts given to you by God. Your destiny has more to do with becoming the you God created, not doing stuff in a particular order. If God created you to be a great teacher, you can find your destiny in a school or volunteering your time to lead a Bible study. If you God created you to be a great leader, you can lead a police force or a team of doctors in a hospital. The point is you have God-given tools at your disposal and God wants to see you build something awesome. So what will you build?

So when are you happiest in life? If you are on a career path, or in a relationship, or have been in a job for many years, ask yourself, “Am I happy doing this?” My parents used to say a job is a job. Although they were right on most things, this was not one of them. You are so uniquely gifted that you can be assured that no one else is just like you. You were created on purpose for a purpose. God provided you a key to unlock that purpose. It can be found in the joy of your heart. It can be found when you truly are able to live fully for God’s glory. Perhaps today is the day you truly begin to become the person God created you to be!

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