Summertime Should Be Mindful Time

family in Summer

Can you believe that Summer is here! If you are reading this outside of the US, Summer might not be as near, but here in the States we just celebrated the unofficial start to Summer, Memorial Day weekend. Pools are open, grills are cleaned, and school is coming to a close. We just spent a day remembering those who gave their lives in service to our country. Today, we must not forget them, but it is time to live in the freedom their sacrifice helped provide. But, thinking about those who have passed away made me think about how important it is to be mindful of those who are with us today since they will not be with us forever.

In fact, Summer is an important time to be mindful of our relationships and make time to be with those who mean something to us. Being good stewards of our time means we make the time to connect with each other. Quality time is not just time filled with activities, but also time filled with conversation and resting in each other’s presence. We can too easily become comfortable giving little or no real attention to others in our lives. We become engrossed in our cell phones, video games, Netflix, etc.

Mindfulness helps us not take others for granted. We try to always stay aware of where we are and who is near us. We are able to more easily see opportunities to connect in a meaningful way with those we care about. We realize that the time presented to us each day will not come again, so we really try to seize the day.

It is so important to remember those who have passed from this life. Their earthly existence help to shape the meaning for our lives. However, it is tragic if we disregard those who are still with us. If only our love prevented us from wasting time. But we are human. We must choose to share our love for it cannot share itself. We need to use our time wisely, for time is a precious gift we have in limited supply.


One response to “Summertime Should Be Mindful Time”

  1. thesmilingpilgrim Avatar

    I love summer, so glad to be able to go outside and not freeze.

    I am a canadian from up north lol


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