A Time for Friends


Holy Week is about more than a reflection of events that occurred so very long ago. The events of this week are about NOW. It is about being present to the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This week unites our sufferings with His, our death with His, and our life with His. The events of today in Belgium can strike us so hard, but we often forget that on this day, and every day, many suffer and die due to repression and hate. The message of this week is not how hate prevails, but to the contrary, how LOVE rises above it all.

And this week, Jesus beckons us to walk with Him. Cardinal Dolan, in his book, Doers of the Word, spoke about this week as a passeggiata – an Italian custom of strolling with friends after a meal as the sun begins to set on the day. Dolan reflects that we are invited by Jesus to accompany Him on the way to the Cross and then at His Resurrection, for Jesus has “important matters to confide in us.” He writes, “Holy Week is a week of walking, accompanying, knowing. Hopefully, when we are finished with the annual passeggiata, we’re much better friends with Jesus.”

The world is a dangerous place. It is a good thing to know who are your friends. Take this week and use it to strengthen your relationship with an old Friend. He is beckoning you to a meal and an evening journey. He will tell you of things so precious and you can tell Him of things that are burdening you. Don’t pass this invitation up. In a world where pain is all too common, the LOVE between FRIENDS can make all the difference.

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