Then God Created Pi (or is it Pie?)

pi day

Today is a day for math geeks and dessert lovers alike! Is it also a day for believers in a loving Creator? You bet!

On this day I am reminded of Francis Collins, former director of the Human Genome Project and now the Director of the National Institutes of Health, who authored a book on how science and mathematics present evidence for belief in God. Collins did not always believe the way he does now. In a 2007 online article with CNN, he explains that he was 27 when he began his journey which led to a belief in Jesus Christ.

He wrote, “I have found there is a wonderful harmony in the complementary truths of science and faith. The God of the Bible is also the God of the genome. God can be found in the cathedral or in the laboratory. By investigating God’s majestic and awesome creation, science can actually be a means of worship.”

What an awesome statement! On Pi Day, and every other day for that matter, many people will try to say that science and faith cannot coexist. “The math does not add up,” they will say. But perhaps it is the very fact that MATH DOES ADD UP and creation is filled with a beautiful symmetry of mathematical and scientific laws that provides us a glimpse into the existence of God.

Go celebrate Pi Day because of the wonder of all God’s creation! And does the day really have to do with a delicious pie for dessert? Well, not really, but who would ignore an excuse to have a slice of pie? That would really be unbelievable!

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