Snow Day Stewardship


If you live a part of the world where snow falls at least occasionally in the winter, you probably have experienced the event of a snow day. That’s when schools are cancelled, government is shut down, and some businesses are closed. Parents often need to take a personal day to stay with their children. In some parts of the world, like here in North Carolina, even 2 inches can be a reason for panic as everyone rushes to the store before the impending doom of a blanket of white stuff. Everyone knows that to survive the apocalypse, one must have milk and bread. It’s amazing that even those who don’t drink much milk still see this as a staple of survival readiness. Yes, the snow has fallen, and all must stay indoors covered in blankets, light a fire, and of course, watch Netflix.

But when you think about it, Mother Nature has really provided you with something we often say is in short supply: time. Now, there haven’t been more hours magically added to the clock, but suddenly you have time to do things you didn’t seem to have time to do previously. I realize not everyone is able to accept this gift as many must still brave the elements to get to work. But if you find yourself in this situation of partaking in a snow day, you have some choices to make.

As a good steward you now have some extra time to make a difference. Maybe, blankets and Netflix will be a good use of some of the time, especially if you needed a break from things or the entire family is at home and in need of good bonding time. But even if you choose to spend some time cuddled up on the couch with loved ones, it would be a shame to not take advantage of some of that time to do other things.

You could pray a little more for all those who have asked you to pray for them, or you could use prayer to work on your relationship with God. You could finally write that letter or make that phone call to someone who needs to hear from you. If you are lucky enough to have work or school cancelled and still have 4 wheel drive, you could visit someone who is shut-in even on days when the sun is shining. There are so many things you could do. But the key is to be mindful of what has been given to you, give thanks for your situation, and use that gift of time to really do something important, acknowledging that not all things important need to take a ton of time, money, or even effort. Remember, tomorrow or the day after, the ice and snow will all melt away and you will be back to business as usual. This particular snow day will not come again.

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