The Choice for Catholic Schools

That's me in upper left corner!
That’s me in upper left hand corner!

I grew up in a home with one Catholic parent and one un-baptized parent. I attended Mass every Sunday with my mother, but I wouldn’t classify her as a fully engaged parishioner. She worked on one parish Christmas bazaar, but for the most part, Sunday was the only time parish life intersected with our everyday lives. However, I did have one further influence from my parish and it was pretty constant: I went to Catholic school.

From 1st grade until I graduated from college, I attended Catholic schools. When I was younger, my parents felt it was an important choice for me. When I was in high school, I have to admit it was still a choice, but now it was seen also as the best alternative to public school. Then for college, I received a full scholarship to a Catholic college so that helped solidify the decision. You see, I didn’t always attend Catholic schools because my parents were so in love with Jesus or that they always my faith development as a primary concern. However, I am who I am today because they made the choice for Catholic schools.

To say that everyone should attend Catholic schools is not fully rational in the face of so many quality alternatives in some areas of the country. I can only speak to my own personal experience and a Catholic education gave me more than just quality. It fostered and fed my relationship with the most important person in my life: Jesus Christ. During this Catholic Schools Week 2016, I am thankful for the sacrifice my parents made, the teachers that taught me about more than academics, and the schools that will always  remain in my heart. What I have received has greater value than any tuition bill. Catholic schools taught me about THE MAIN THING.

Check back this entire week for more posts for Catholic Schools Week!

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