So Who’s Really Crazy Here!?!


I am sure I drive my kids crazy! When they fail to do, over and over again, that which I have asked them to do, they continue to say, “I’m sorry,” to which I say, “No you’re not!” They look at me with that look that says, “How can you not accept my apology. Who doesn’t accept ‘I’m sorry?’” Then I say to them, “If you were truly sorry you would change and do what I asked you to do!” Of course, their response almost always is, “I forgot!” Forgot? How does someone forget something that has been asked of him or her several times in the course of day? Well, if I drive them crazy, I am sure it is because they drove me crazy first!

Saint James would probably be on my side, or at least I want to believe he would. He asked the question, “What good is it if someone says he has faith but does not have works?” He goes on to speak about those who would wish another well, only to do nothing to help them to be well. Unfortunately, all of us sometimes fall into the trap of talking a good game but not really stepping up to the plate to do something. We say all the right things, but then do much less than what is required, or even nothing at all.

It isn’t easy being a good steward, daily answering the call to share more, give more, and love more. Even when I write these reflections, I am struck by my own shortcomings and failings. I don’t want to just write something and not internalize it to the point where I must act. As an Everyday Steward, I strive to at least be a better disciple this day than I was the last, and pray to be better tomorrow than I am today. I guess if I can just ask that of my kids as well, they might not see me as so crazy after all.

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