Shopping Frenzy

amazon prime

The Internet is buzzing loudly today with sales at Amazon and Wal-Mart! Now, other online merchants like Target and Best Buy are creating other artificial shopping holidays for next week. Everywhere online you see the term Christmas in July to describe the frenzy of sales and shopping.

But at least with Amazon, shoppers do not seem to be too happy with what is on sale.  Twitter is full of people slamming the merchant for offering products few want and not slashing prices enough. The shoppers waited and waited for this day, many of them now disillusioned by the promise of Prime Day.

Of course, it is all illusion really: fake holidays, products most do not need, people ready to spend money they do not have in their bank accounts. A good sale can make most anyone happy, but in life it is never the main thing.

Today, like yesterday and tomorrow, the main thing is love of God and love of others. No product bought will truly satisfy. No discount received will make all the difference in the end. I just wish we saw a frenzy surrounding faith, hope, and love. That’s what our nation and our Church are prime for in these modern times.

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