God is God Wherever We Are

God is God wherever we are; and those we meet are the Body of Christ


Greetings from Dusseldorf – where work has brought me for 2 days to inspect two British Schools in Germany. It almost feels as if I am straddling 2 worlds. Fly in this afternoon and walk by the Rhine, watching the world go by; and it did seem like the whole world. This is my third overseas trip in as many weeks – the others being Qatar and Chicago – and time for prayer and reflection can become as out of sorts as the body is when it changes time zones.

So today I stopped, and looked, and connected with my God. Cities and countries may differ, but God is God wherever you are in the world. Last weekend we celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi – and I need to be conscious that the Body of Christ comes in all shapes and sizes, across all nations and ‘encounter’ is close if I but dare to see it. Dunkin’ Donuts and the golden arches of McDonald’s may be the same, but each person has unique gifts to offer.

Today I have encountered Christ in the class I taught first thing, in the hustle and bustle of London Heathrow Airport, in the proximity of others on the short flight and in the cacophony of the old town here in Germany. Let my prayer as the sun sets over the old town and I watch it from my anonymous hotel room, be one of gratitude to God for the encounters of today; one of sorrow for anyone I have hurt today, and one of anticipation for those I will greet tomorrow.

Teresa Keogh

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