Everyday Stewardship (Ascension 2015)

Some celebrated this yesterday, but most will observe the feast this Sunday.


There is a great need in our current world for more Jesus sightings. You used to hear about Elvis sightings from time to time, but we do not need sightings of the King of Rock n Roll. We need sightings of the King of Kings.

Of course, when we celebrate the feast of His ascension into heaven, we also reflect on the fact that in bodily form he no longer walks the earth, and we await his second coming. Some see his image on trees, buildings, and even toast. I am not sure that would be a very helpful plan, even if God really had dreamt that up as a way to remind us of him. But God’s real plan did include a way for Jesus to continually be seen in the world. That plan involved us.

The scriptural account of Jesus’ ascension contains clear instructions on what we are to do until he returns. Those instructions entail proclaiming the Gospel, baptizing those who believe, and healing the sick. As a poem attributed to Teresa of Avila points out, “Christ has no body now on earth but yours.” The poem speaks about our hands, feet, eyes, and body being those of Christ. When we move in the world, we not only bear the name of Christian, we have become Christ. As intentional disciples and good stewards, we realize that our role in this Divine plan is of utmost importance. Jesus is present to the world through us. So, go forth everyday from your home, ready to bring Christ to every person you meet. And then, just maybe, more people will say, “I think I saw Jesus today.” That would be better than an infinite number of Elvis sightings.

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