Everyday Stewardship (6th Sunday of Easter 2015)


Do you remember being a child and deciding on captains to choose sides for a game of kickball, soccer, or other sport requiring little more than a ball? Kids sat on a curb, waiting to hear their fate. “Surely, I will not be picked last,” each boy or girl thought. But alas, someone always had to be last. The worst part was it often came down to one kid who thought they were not too horrible, and one kid who knew he was horrible. Guess who was picked first, assuring that the sole survivor of this ritual was left to question why he or she even left the house that day. Good times!

Most of the time, to be chosen can make a person feel wanted or needed. You realize that someone else sees something in you that they respect and value. You become a part of something bigger than yourself, a community, even if it is a community of two, such as in a marriage.

Most people would probably say they chose Christ. Even a popular song’s refrain exclaims, “I will choose Christ.” However, what you have chosen is an action. If you are Christian, you choose to follow, imitate, and even become Christ. But you did not choose Christ. He chose YOU.

Jesus speaks in John’s gospel to his disciples, “It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you.” Do not think for a second that it was your choosing to get into this game. You were the one chosen. And there was no first, middle, or last. Someone saw something in you of great value and they made sure to choose you. And no matter how many times you mess up and start to feel like you are not good enough for Him, he reminds you that you are still a star on His team. He would choose you all over again.

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