Family Time


We just moved my oldest son out of his dorm after his first year in college.  After many months, the family of 4 is once again the family of 5.  He has lived with us all his life, but now things seem a bit different.  I won’t say he is fully an adult yet, especially after some of the crazy things he still says and does, but he is different.  The family is different. Our lives are different.

People say your kids are grown up and out of the house before you know it.  Some say it’s like the blink of an eye.  In some ways that is true, although any parent can agree that some years seem longer than others!  (Some of those teen years can seem really long!)

But the point is there is a limited window of opportunity to help God mold and shape your children into the adults they will become.  Good stewardship as a parent means that we have to be mindful of all the possibilities before us to spend time with our children and help them mature.  It is too easy to get caught up in bills for college and living expenses.  We too often think our treasure is the primary gift we give to our children.  But as they get older, and I guess when they have “flown the coop” for good, we realize that TIME was the most precious of all the gifts we gave to them.

If you have kids coming home from college, don’t let time fall through your fingers. Make sure you use that precious gift from God and create some real memories, impart some wisdom, and share some love.  The day will come when it won’t be so easy.

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