Everyday Stewardship (5th Sunday of Easter 2015)


I remember one woman I had the privilege of working with in RCIA, who ultimately decided to become Catholic because of the Eucharist. She had experiences in other denominations that held celebrations of Holy Communion, but they did not see the Eucharist as the real presence of Jesus Christ. When she realized what the bread and wine truly became in the Mass, she stated that she could not truly be whom she wanted and needed to be without weekly participation in Mass and reception of Eucharist. After she became Catholic, she soon became a daily communicant for this very same reason.

In The Life of a Christian Steward: A Reflection on the Logic of Commitment, published by the International Catholic Stewardship Council, one reads, “To be most effective in service to God and humankind, Christian stewardship must stem from the liturgical worship in the Church. Here one finds the supernatural motive, the word of faith, and the grace necessary to get the job done.” Then the document quotes John 15, with Jesus teaching, “I am the vine, and you are the branches.” The reality is that without nourishment from the vine, Jesus, the branches, you and I, cannot bear fruit and will wither and die.

During this Easter season, recommit yourself to the Eucharist. Come to church in time to calm your heart and mind. Be attentive and participate. Be mindful of your actions, your senses, and your intentions. Approach the Eucharist reflecting on the reality that you are encountering and consuming the actual Risen Lord. Do not let moments in Mass pass you by without reflection. Then, you will find the nourishment needed to bring the Good News of Easter to the world. You will be equipped to “get the job done.”

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