Everyday Stewardship (4th Sunday of Easter 2015)


I was putting together one of those online holiday video greetings, the ones where you place photos of people’s faces onto animated bodies. The video featured five characters, perfect for our family of two parents and three children. After importing the faces and finalizing the video, I hit play and sat back to watch it. After watching about 25% of the video clip, I wondered why my oldest son was not appearing on the screen. Then I realized in amazement, I didn’t recognize him because I had mistaken his face for mine! Without bodies, our faces looked so alike and didn’t tell the difference at first.

The First Letter of John tells us that the world does not yet see us for who we are because it does not recognize Jesus. When the world finally recognizes Jesus, all will see us for who we are because we will look like Him. So for now, do not assume people will look at you and say, “What a great steward and disciple! They are just like Jesus!” Some will see your way of life and understand. They will be inspired to be like Jesus as well. But many will look at you and listen to what you have to say and actually wonder why you don’t wake up and conform to the world. It is not easy when you find yourself in the situation that you are the only intentional disciple in your neighborhood, at work, or even in your family. This is especially difficult when you are young and in school environments when God is a subject and not a reality.

But fear not! You are not alone! And when the time comes to pass when all creation sees Him for whom He really is, they will find it hard to tell Him and His children apart. In fact, I wouldn’t want to resemble anybody else.

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