What Happens Next?

I am waiting in the airport in Atlanta for a flight to Indy.  I have a talk tonight at a parish in Jasper, IN.  When I am headed somewhere to speak or give a workshop, I never really know who will show up and how many people will even be present.  The parish sometimes has an expectation, but for me, it really doesn’t matter.  If all of this is about planting seeds, then whose to say a few seeds can’t grow into something more than one can even imagine.

The reality is this: it wasn’t the parish who really invited me.  It is at God’s invitation that I am there. It wasn’t the parish that invited those listening to me either.  It is at God’s invitation that they are there.  God does not give out invitations without merit or need.

When you place everything in God’s hands, you don’t always wonder what happens next.  What happens next is part of the miraculous journey of life. If it is a blessing, to God give the thanks.  If it is a challenge, accept it head-on and with the fortitude God gives you.  If it is a burden, let God help you carry it.

So what will happen tonight? God will be glorified and His will be done.  What happens tomorrow? God will be there as well, so no need to worry.  It isn’t always easy to look at life this way. I only hope God helps me follow my own advice.

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